Decherd Seventh-day Adventist Church

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THE DECHERD DIAPER DERBY  When the Franklin County Health Department put out a plea for diapers and wipes, the Decherd Church sprang into action.  Some in our church family had not been in the diaper aisle for many years and found themselves asking store clerks for directions.  It was humorous to see budget-conscious shoppers checking out all the local stores and comparing notes about where the best deals were in town.  As the collection of diapers and wipes began to grow at the front of the church, they were displayed around the communion table whose inscription reads, "This do in remembrance of Me."  When the diapers were delivered to the County, the church was surprised to learn that it had collected the most diapers and wipes of any single person or organization.  The project wasn't about claiming that honor, though,  It was about helping as many needy moms as possible.